Reading Road 16 houses


Land at Reading Road OX11 0LW

Outline application for residential development (access only) consisting of 16 dwellings and open space. (Re-submission of previously withdrawn application P14/V2130/O)

Amended 5 Oct and 10 Nov 2015


Reading Road 16 houses

Status Objects
Major application? Major
Registration Date 6 May, 2015
Consultation Start Date 6 May, 2015
Consultation End Date
Target Decision Date 15 January, 2016
PC Meeting Date 24 November, 2015
PC Comments Application reviewed in detail in Planning Committee meeting on 26 May, and at PC meeting June 9; PC objected to application.

5 Oct 2015. Revised plans, and a Landscape and Visual Assessment were issued.
27 Oct 2015 First response (and S106 requests) endorsed. Additional comments are
* For the appropriate planning approach to building in the AONB, please refer to comments made by the AONB Board and CPRE with respect to applications in Chilton in the AONB.
*Without roof heights, the Visual Impact Assessment is fairly meaningless, especially for houses fronting the Reading Road
*Making the northern houses face the Reading Road has changed the rest of the internal layout to make it less coherent. No rationale is presented for this (or indeed any other) change
*Recognise the improvement in the positioning of the Public Open Space

10 Nov More amendment - Sewage Impact Assessment.
24 Nov. Pc has no comment on the Sewage Impact Assessment. Objections remain.
Neighbours? Neighbours
Vale Decision Date 16 September, 2016
Vale Decision Approved
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