1 Kings Lane New two bedroom dwelling


1 Kings Lane Harwell Didcot OX11 0EJ
New two bedroom dwelling adjacent to 1 Kings Lane Harwell

1 Kings Lane New two bedroom dwelling

Status Objects
Major application?
Registration Date 16 March, 2016
Consultation Start Date 16 March, 2016
Consultation End Date 27 April, 2016
Target Decision Date 11 May, 2016
PC Meeting Date 29 March, 2016
PC Comments Another house means an increase of cars in Kings Lane - a narrow road road where parking is already a problem. Access is at the narrowest part of the lane where sweep (ability to turn into and out of the parking bays) and visibility are constricted. If approved, condition requested to ensure safe and clear access to Kings Lane throughout the construction period - road must never be blocked for access by emergency vehicles (might be impossible to achieve; another reason for objection)
Vale Decision Date 14 September, 2016
Vale Decision Approved
Vale Link P16/V0678/FUL Application Link
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